How do i raise my level?

Every one of us, we all do not want to live remaining in the same level. This is because if we remain the same, it is boring and miserable, there is no hope, and there is no satisfaction. This goes alongside with our faith as well. However, we wonder because the level does not increase […]

Prayer is conversation

What do you think the most important thing you must do as you live your life believing in God and the Lord and loving Them? It is conversation. It is communication. In other words, it is prayer. Prayer is ‘something that belongs to you.’Therefore, ‘you, yourself’ have to do it. Just as you eat things to […]

Now is not a time to run. It is a time to fly.

When you have a math problem, you will find ‘the answer’ if you reason it out and do the calculations. In the same way, with whatever question you have, ‘the question’ will be answered if you reason them out and do the calculations. When you look at the things that God has done, question them and […]