Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. In our everyday life, we fall asleep and doze off unconsciously in all kinds of situations. Whether we are travelling on a bus or train, studying for exams or watching TV. In life, there is the sleep of daily life and the sleep of faith.

The sleep of faith refers to a life of not living according to ‘the Word of God’ and thinking unnecessary thoughts and actions. Just like how there is a method to control sleep, in order to control sleep of faith and daily life, it is to control and destroy it at the ‘beginning stage’.

In order to do it at that stage, we must act fast like a cheetah! We need to have the mentality of the divine, then we will have the strength of a divine so in what kind of situation, can we overcome and control it.

We pray that you will live this kind of life that is alive and awake with the mentality of the divine.

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