Succeed and Win

Everything you do in life must be done at the right time When you look at all the things that were successful and victorious, they were done quickly in a hurry at the right time. Whenever you are taking action for God’s Will or with your purpose, you have to do it swiftly. Then there […]

Daily Life

It is always true that only those who need something wait for what they need, seek it, be anxious over it, and like it. Let’s say that there is a pile of trash in your house. Only a house with a pile of trash, will anxiously wait for ‘a truck that will take away the […]

My future life

Although now My heart’s Burning and In pain, It’ll make my future Joyful and Happy. I must live With hope From the present To that day of the future.

Be alert and of sober mind

Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. In our everyday life, we fall asleep and doze off unconsciously in all kinds of situations. Whether we are travelling on a bus or train, studying for exams or watching TV. In life, there is the sleep of daily life […]

Blessings and Misfortunes

A blessing is to receive what one wants.  A misfortune is to receive what one does not want. Where do blessings and misfortunes come from? They either come from other people or from a person’s own wrong doings. In the very end, a person receives blessings and misfortunes due to their own thoughts and actions. […]

Enjoy by taking action

  With the work that should be done in the present, you should do it in the present, and with the work that should be done in the future, you should do it in the future. You cannot do in the future what you failed to do in the present. Even if you do in […]

God of time

The importance of preparation cannot be overemphasized as it is the most critical element in the execution of a work. Just as it is important in the world, God has carried out God’s history on the earth always ahead of time. A person who does things ahead of time is a person who is riding in […]

Dream chaser

  Who is the one who does things on his own? In Exodus 3:14, God said, “I exist on My own.” God is ‘the absolute one and only God’ because He exists on His own and has no other gods above Him. Just as <seasons> exist on their own, the Trinity exist eternally on Their […]


Fully engrossed, They must Go their way, Yet, Insanely Observing What others do, Mocking them, They live Absentmindedly. If of their future, They were aware, Could they Live so mindlessly? Only The one who knows Treads on, Fully engaged, Breathlessly, Delivering This Word, He goes.