A blessing is to receive what one wants.  A misfortune is to receive what one does not want.

Where do blessings and misfortunes come from?

They either come from other people or from a person’s own wrong doings.

In the very end, a person receives blessings and misfortunes due to their own thoughts and actions.

Even if the blessings/ misfortunes come from other people’s influence, it is all determined by the person’s own thoughts and actions, if they will allow the other person to influence them.

A blessing is also doing what God wants. People normally wait for blessings to come from somewhere, but they do not realize that if they just sit still and do nothing, blessings will not come.

Blessings are a result of taking action.  When taking action if a person becomes one with the Holy Trinity’s thoughts, more blessings can be received and misfortunes can be avoided.

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