It is always true that only those who need something wait for what they need, seek it, be anxious over it, and like it.

Let’s say that there is a pile of trash in your house.
Only a house with a pile of trash, will anxiously wait for ‘a truck that will take away the trash’ and delight in it. A house without trash, will not even think about it, and they will not even be interested in it, even if it is mentioned to them.

In this way, only those to whom it pertains or those who need it wait for it, seek it, are anxious over it, are interested in it, and pay attention to it.

The same is true with the Lord, the Word of God and the new time period.

People are not interested, if they don’t need it or if it doesn’t pertain to them. Therefore, their thoughts are on other things and they live consumed with their daily lives.

They consider faith as secondary and live ‘making a living’ and ‘acquiring the things they want immediately’ as their most urgent priorities.

However, everyone needs to live their own daily life.
So one must learn God’s word by getting involved with God, in the midst of their daily lives, being helped and being accompanied.




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