With the work that should be done in the present, you should do it in the present, and with the work that should be done in the future, you should do it in the future.

You cannot do in the future what you failed to do in the present. Even if you do in the future what you failed to do in the present, it will not be effective because the time has already passed and the moment has already passed.

Things of the present must be done in the present. Only then will you harvest fruit in the future because of that.
The past produces the present and the present produces the future Even if you are by yourself, if you do it at the right time, the time will help you.

Those who do things at the right time even if they are doing it by themselves, are the wisest people.
Between the time when the sun rises and the time when the sun sets, the circumstances will change. In this way, when the time passes, the circumstances will also change.

With the same distance to go, there are many ways for people to travel. One is to go to the destination by walking comfortably, another is to go faster by running even though it is hard and the other is to go even faster by driving even though it costs them money.

If you travel slowly, the arrival time at the destination will be that much delayed and you will gain things later.
If you go faster, you will arrive at the destination quickly, so you will gain and enjoy things sooner.

Will you go slowly and arrive late and gain late? Or will you go faster and arrive faster and gain and enjoy things faster? This is determined by how fast you take action at the right time. Even if you travel comfortably, if you arrive late, you will have no time to gain and enjoy. Even if it is hard, if you arrive quickly by running and sprinting, you will have a lot of time to gain and enjoy.

Some people choose only comfortable methods. It is good because they are comfortable. However, being comfortable is not being happy. Being comfortable is not the way to gain. A person who does things with all his heart even though it is hard gains fastest, gains the most and enjoys it.

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