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15 Jun, 2017

Succeed and Win

Everything you do in life must be done at the right time
When you look at all the things that were successful and victorious,
they were done quickly in a hurry at the right time.

Whenever you are taking action for God’s Will or with your purpose,
you have to do it swiftly. Then there will be a high possibility of success and victory.

Whether you are trying to win a race or just living your life,
the fastest person succeeds and wins.

If you want to do well, you have to fix your shortcomings.
You have to fix them.
Ultimately, you can say that a person who does well is a person who has fixed himself.

Developing is also a form of fixing
Repenting and becoming a new person is also a form of fixing.
Those who fix their contradictions, wrong hearts, minds and actions everyday
will gain both physically and spiritually, celebrate with the Lord, succeed, and win.

If you do a lot, miracles will happen and you will become a god as a human being.

A person who did a lot of work in the Lord in the right way changed a lot more than someone who did a little, and also gained more,
ultimately succeeded and won in both faith and life.

Did you understand the message well? were you moved?
If you want to succeed and win, you must focus on and do these three things:
do things swiftly, fix yourself and do a lot.

I hope everyone will hurry up and take action quickly as much as you were inspired.

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15 Jun, 2017

Daily Life

It is always true that only those who need something wait for what they need, seek it, be anxious over it, and like it.

Let’s say that there is a pile of trash in your house.
Only a house with a pile of trash, will anxiously wait for ‘a truck that will take away the trash’ and delight in it. A house without trash, will not even think about it, and they will not even be interested in it, even if it is mentioned to them.

In this way, only those to whom it pertains or those who need it wait for it, seek it, are anxious over it, are interested in it, and pay attention to it.

The same is true with the Lord, the Word of God and the new time period.

People are not interested, if they don’t need it or if it doesn’t pertain to them. Therefore, their thoughts are on other things and they live consumed with their daily lives.

They consider faith as secondary and live ‘making a living’ and ‘acquiring the things they want immediately’ as their most urgent priorities.

However, everyone needs to live their own daily life.
So one must learn God’s word by getting involved with God, in the midst of their daily lives, being helped and being accompanied.

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31 May, 2017

Be alert and of sober mind

Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. In our everyday life, we fall asleep and doze off unconsciously in all kinds of situations. Whether we are travelling on a bus or train, studying for exams or watching TV. In life, there is the sleep of daily life and the sleep of faith.

The sleep of faith refers to a life of not living according to ‘the Word of God’ and thinking unnecessary thoughts and actions. Just like how there is a method to control sleep, in order to control sleep of faith and daily life, it is to control and destroy it at the ‘beginning stage’.

In order to do it at that stage, we must act fast like a cheetah! We need to have the mentality of the divine, then we will have the strength of a divine so in what kind of situation, can we overcome and control it.

We pray that you will live this kind of life that is alive and awake with the mentality of the divine.

31 May, 2017

Blessings and Misfortunes

A blessing is to receive what one wants.  A misfortune is to receive what one does not want.

Where do blessings and misfortunes come from?

They either come from other people or from a person’s own wrong doings.

In the very end, a person receives blessings and misfortunes due to their own thoughts and actions.

Even if the blessings/ misfortunes come from other people’s influence, it is all determined by the person’s own thoughts and actions, if they will allow the other person to influence them.

A blessing is also doing what God wants. People normally wait for blessings to come from somewhere, but they do not realize that if they just sit still and do nothing, blessings will not come.

Blessings are a result of taking action.  When taking action if a person becomes one with the Holy Trinity’s thoughts, more blessings can be received and misfortunes can be avoided.

Take Action Now!

31 May, 2017

Enjoy by taking action


With the work that should be done in the present, you should do it in the present, and with the work that should be done in the future, you should do it in the future.

You cannot do in the future what you failed to do in the present. Even if you do in the future what you failed to do in the present, it will not be effective because the time has already passed and the moment has already passed.

Things of the present must be done in the present. Only then will you harvest fruit in the future because of that.
The past produces the present and the present produces the future Even if you are by yourself, if you do it at the right time, the time will help you.

Those who do things at the right time even if they are doing it by themselves, are the wisest people.
Between the time when the sun rises and the time when the sun sets, the circumstances will change. In this way, when the time passes, the circumstances will also change.

With the same distance to go, there are many ways for people to travel. One is to go to the destination by walking comfortably, another is to go faster by running even though it is hard and the other is to go even faster by driving even though it costs them money.

If you travel slowly, the arrival time at the destination will be that much delayed and you will gain things later.
If you go faster, you will arrive at the destination quickly, so you will gain and enjoy things sooner.

Will you go slowly and arrive late and gain late? Or will you go faster and arrive faster and gain and enjoy things faster? This is determined by how fast you take action at the right time. Even if you travel comfortably, if you arrive late, you will have no time to gain and enjoy. Even if it is hard, if you arrive quickly by running and sprinting, you will have a lot of time to gain and enjoy.

Some people choose only comfortable methods. It is good because they are comfortable. However, being comfortable is not being happy. Being comfortable is not the way to gain. A person who does things with all his heart even though it is hard gains fastest, gains the most and enjoys it.

31 May, 2017

God of time

The importance of preparation cannot be overemphasized as it is the most critical element in the execution of a work. Just as it is important in the world, God has carried out God’s history on the earth always ahead of time.

  • A person who does things ahead of time is a person who is riding in a bus and gets off before an accident happens.
  • A person who does things ahead of time is a person who hides behind a rock ahead of time to evade enemy gunfire trying to kill him and then mounts a counterattack.

God always started the history that will be carried out in the future after first preparing for it ahead of time before the 4000-year Old Testament history came to an end, God let Jesus, the Messiah of the New Testament be born on this earth, raised him with God’s wisdom and knowledge and let him receive the New Testament Word, and as the appointed time for the New Testament drew near, He sent John the Baptist and let him prepare the way for the Messiah.

In this way, God prepares ahead of time and fulfills the Will by surely taking action in accordance with time.
In other words, God is God of Time.

If we put that principle in our life, it is like this. If you want to wake up early at 7 a.m., you have to do the work that should be done ‘ahead of time.’ The work that should be done ahead of time in order to wake up at 7 a.m. is the work of ‘sleeping early on the previous night.’
In order to get up early, you have to prepare for it by doing the work that needs to be done ahead of time.

Seasons also come ‘ahead of time’ overlapping with the previous seasons. ‘Summer’ comes overlapping with spring before spring comes to an end, right?

If you don’t do things ahead of time, you cannot receive ‘the one you are waiting for and the history of God.’ If you don’t do things ahead of time, you cannot receive ‘that day and that time.’ The bigger the task, the more you have to do things ‘ahead of time.’

God says

“Do things ahead of time when it comes to mind.
It would have been easy if you had done it ahead of time.
It was that difficult and you were unable to do it because you did not do it ahead of time.

Realize that problems occurred, you suffered misfortune, and you failed because you did not do it ahead of time.
There are so many things you failed to receive because you failed to do it ahead of time.
‘Pray every day’ so that you will receive the blessing of doing things ahead of time.”

29 May, 2017

Dream chaser


Who is the one who does things on his own?

  • In Exodus 3:14, God said, “I exist on My own.”
    God is ‘the absolute one and only God’ because He exists on His own and has no other gods above Him.

Just as <seasons> exist on their own, the Trinity exist eternally on Their own.
* The fact that <They exist on their own> means that They possess that much power and that They are the owners.

  • Eating, sleeping, and breathing can’t be done for you by someone else.
    In the same way, <human responsibilities and the work you should do> cannot be done for you by God, the Holy Spirit, or the Lord.
  • <A person who takes action on his own> is ‘a person who is like an automated machine.’
    Therefore, like a machine that runs on its own as soon as a switch is activated and like a watch that operates on its own as long as it is powered by a battery, [a person who takes action on his own] will be united with the Lord’s thoughts and will take action on his own.
  • God created [human beings] with <the ability to take action on their own> incorporated in their brains, thoughts, souls, and spirits.

Therefore, who is the person who does things on his own, voluntarily?
It is the person of action who takes action united with the Lord.

21 May, 2017

The one know knows

When there is something we need to do in a little time, When there is a task that requires competent skill, What we need aren’t time and power but ‘wisdom’, to know.

That wisdom cannot come from below but from above. From the one who created us, one who can perfect us. Those who know clearly, their action and thoughts are different.

Those who know their value clearly make their life and time like gold and those who know the direction and path of life clearly run with diligence and fervent heart.

Do not forget this word of wisdom.

19 May, 2017

Eternal Path

Both cannot be traveled
As the path of life

Turn your back to the earth,
And certainly go
On the path to Heaven only,
The eternal path of life
With the Lord.

When blessings come,
It is like
Shade under a tree in the summer,
So rest briefly there
And surely travel
The eternal path of life
To Heaven.

Then suddenly,
The Golden Gates
Will appear before you.
Once opened
And entered,
An ideal world awaits,
World of eternal love.
You must go.