When people Hate, They keep Hating. When they love, They keep Loving. Heaven And earth Are that way, too. Hatred Is endless. Love, too Is endless. Those who Hate Are evil. Those who Love Are righteous. The righteous Are people of Heaven. The evil Are people of Hell.

Pure golden love

If you Should love, Then to me, Give Pure golden love. Wherever you go, Give me Pure golden love That never loses Its light, Never-changing. Even amidst Tribulations and persecution, Unjust suffering, Give me Pure love, Unchanging.

The one know knows

When there is something we need to do in a little time, When there is a task that requires competent skill, What we need aren’t time and power but ‘wisdom’, to know. That wisdom cannot come from below but from above. From the one who created us, one who can perfect us. Those who know […]

Eternal Path

Both cannot be traveled As the path of life Simultaneously. Turn your back to the earth, And certainly go On the path to Heaven only, The eternal path of life With the Lord. When blessings come, It is like Shade under a tree in the summer, So rest briefly there And surely travel The eternal […]

How do i raise my level?

Every one of us, we all do not want to live remaining in the same level. This is because if we remain the same, it is boring and miserable, there is no hope, and there is no satisfaction. This goes alongside with our faith as well. However, we wonder because the level does not increase […]

Prayer is conversation

What do you think the most important thing you must do as you live your life believing in God and the Lord and loving Them? It is conversation. It is communication. In other words, it is prayer. Prayer is ‘something that belongs to you.’Therefore, ‘you, yourself’ have to do it. Just as you eat things to […]

Now is not a time to run. It is a time to fly.

When you have a math problem, you will find ‘the answer’ if you reason it out and do the calculations. In the same way, with whatever question you have, ‘the question’ will be answered if you reason them out and do the calculations. When you look at the things that God has done, question them and […]

5 Health Tips that Work, Seriously

With April nearing to an end and summer right around the corner, are you starting your annual summer slimming diet? We’ve rounded up 5 health tips that will improve your health and help you stay in shape not just in the summer, but all year round! 1. Drink that H2O Water is essential for a […]