What do you think the most important thing you must do as you live your life believing in God and the Lord and loving Them? 
It is conversation. It is communication. In other words, it is prayer.

Prayer is ‘something that belongs to you.’
Therefore, ‘you, yourself’ have to do it. Just as you eat things to be fed, look at things to see, and listen to things to hear, when it comes to prayer, ‘you, yourself’ have to do it.

Prayer is really necessary.
You absolutely need to have conversations in order to live with people in the world, don’t you?

A person who does not pray is like ‘a person who has no conversations’ while living with people.

Therefore, work out as much as a person has prayed.
If you pray and do your human responsibilities and if it is appropriateGod will grant your prayers.

Matthew 7:7-9 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you…”

When it comes to prayers that completely change destinies, great prayers, you have to really set your mind and earnestly ask with dedication.

Even if you pray, you will gain only if you take action!

Why does God grant your prayers when you pray?
God grants them because it is His work.
When we ask, seek, and knock on the door within God, the prayer from the the ones He loves, becomes ‘God’s own work.’ Therefore, He grants that prayer.

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