Every one of us, we all do not want to live remaining in the same level. This is because if we remain the same, it is boring and miserable, there is no hope, and there is no satisfaction. This goes alongside with our faith as well.

However, we wonder because the level does not increase automatically.

Then, how can it rise?
When a child grows up and rises from being a child to a teenager, a teenager to a young adult, and a young adult to old age; just as a small sapling gradually grows and changes to rise to the level of a large tree, it works the same way. You have to learn, realize, and take action on the things that pertain to that. Only then will your level rise. The same is true when you are

How about in one’s daily life?
A person who lives a steady life of prayer and frequently communicates and converses with the Trinity has raised their level in that area as much as they have taken action.
‘Anyone who takes action on the work he has to do’ is a person who has crossed over their past level and ‘climbed up to the next level.’

If you raise your level, you will receive the things that pertain to the higher level position and you will receive God’s Word and design according to that.

God converses with you, treats you, and gives you the things you should receive according to your level.

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