When you have a math problem, you will find ‘the answer’ if you reason it out and do the calculations. In the same way, with whatever question you have, ‘the question’ will be answered if you reason them out and do the calculations.

When you look at the things that God has done, question them and reason them out in various ways, you will find answers, find treasures, and live with the knowledge of having no doubts.

The human thoughts are like ‘water.’ 

Thoughts will become hot (remembered) if they are intense and they will grow cold (be forgotten) if they are left alone. That is why you must not reason things out according to your momentary thoughts.

For example, even after you go to the market, buy ‘various household goods’ and ‘food,’ and bring them home, when you get home you wonder, “Why did I buy this?” That is why you have to raise the level of your thoughts, choose carefully and buy only ‘the food and goods that are absolutely necessary.’

God’s history, the Messiah, righteous people, wicked people, unrighteous people, right and wrong – with all of them the questions are answered if you reason them out one by one and do the calculations.

Now is not ‘a time to run.’ It is ‘a time to fly.’

Only those who fly will live in the time period while flying with the Lord.

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