There are more than ‘one thousand’ kinds of wisdom. They are wisdom of using time, wisdom of health, and wisdom that pertains to every act of your daily life.

WE all grow, Physically

As a human being we grow everyday. so what do i mean by PHYSICAL GROWTH? it is growing according to the ideal growth. science have emerged and have grown in the past. we can learn alot from our history and apply to our current generation.


We can see that we’ve grown so much since you we’re baby. lets try an experiment. Look at your baby pictures, and look at the mirror. you see the same person but different. Its because you’ve already grown. Now, what have you achieved since you’ve grown? some maybe a lot, few or none? In the end, what matters is how you lived your life (ideally or not)

Making it happen

Everyone says: “eat healthy”, “go to the doctor”, “exercise” ..etc but are many of us doing these things? its all based on proven studies  and we all know it. 

Yes, we think we will do it but can we actually do what we are thinking?

If you eat well and exercise diligently in an appropriate way during your growth period, your body will grow properly and each of your body parts will be properly balanced.



When you were young, did anyone guide you to do the right thing? Whatever it may be, proper guidance is always a good thing.


Our life has up's and down's but that doesn't mean you have to stop. So may it be a condition or something you want to improve in, do it with consistency.


Your condition set's the bar, so if you want to do it in a comfortable or a challenging pace, if you dont have a good condition overall there will be a setback.


As a human we always want the best, in the end, we don't know what we really want. So whether you focus on one thing or many. you should know it.


Being diligent is always an accepted trait, whatever you may be doing or wanting to do, if you do it with all your heart, you are most likely to succeed.


When you see yourself in the mirror or look at yourself some years ago, did you notice any change? sure you grew but did you achieve the growth you want?

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