My future life

Although now My heart’s Burning and In pain, It’ll make my future Joyful and Happy. I must live With hope From the present To that day of the future.


Fully engrossed, They must Go their way, Yet, Insanely Observing What others do, Mocking them, They live Absentmindedly. If of their future, They were aware, Could they Live so mindlessly? Only The one who knows Treads on, Fully engaged, Breathlessly, Delivering This Word, He goes.


When people Hate, They keep Hating. When they love, They keep Loving. Heaven And earth Are that way, too. Hatred Is endless. Love, too Is endless. Those who Hate Are evil. Those who Love Are righteous. The righteous Are people of Heaven. The evil Are people of Hell.

Pure golden love

If you Should love, Then to me, Give Pure golden love. Wherever you go, Give me Pure golden love That never loses Its light, Never-changing. Even amidst Tribulations and persecution, Unjust suffering, Give me Pure love, Unchanging.